Craig Thomson guilty of fraud and theft

Craig Thomson

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CANBERRA: Craig Thomson, former federal MP, has been found guilty of most charges laid against him for fraud and theft. The Abbott government has asked the former Labor MP to apologize for misdirecting the Parliament and the public after the disgraced Craig Thomson was found guilty of abusing his authority and his union credit cards.

49 years old, Thomson, was found guilty of theft and gaining financial benefit by deception after using the union credit cards to pay for escorts and make cash withdrawals while he was working as the national secretary of the Health Services Union. However, charges for using the cards to pay for pornographic films were dismissed against Thomson.

Eric Abetz, the Employment Minister, said Thomson deceive Parliament over the accusations and now he had a lot of explaining to do. Senator Abetz said Thomson owes an apology to those thousands of honest union members who have been defrauded along with the parliament and public Thomson has repeatedly declared his innocence in Parliament adamant on the fact that he had done nothing wrong.

Andrew Wilkie, independent MP, agreed that Thomson had misled Parliament and he would put any effort possible by the government to bring him to Canberra to explain himself. He said he would support all sanctions that the Parliament might have within its control to bring against him.

Senator Abetz also wants Bill Shorten, the Opposition Leader to apologize on behalf of all Labor for promoting and protecting Thomson over the years. He said the conclusion of the Victorian court case showed the need for a royal commission into all alleged financial irregularities within trade unions.