Is Haifa Wehbe copying Monica Bellucci in ‘Halawet Rooh’?


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CAIRO: Beauty, sex appeal, bold act and ambition is not always enough to become famous, controversial and popular, unless you are Haifa Wehbe. The Lebanese bombshell and sizzling hot star is enough to create headlines.

One of the most famous actresses in Egyptian film industry and dramas, Haifa Wehbe is always on news. Whether her new movie teaser ‘Halawet Rooh’ (Sweetness of Spirit) reaches 2 million views in mere two weeks or her copy cat act in the film, Haifa is never out of people’s mind.

Her new Arabic film has already created many controversies, yet going strong and hoping to make outstanding figures when released. At least YouTube video views support the predictions. The actress who is famous for her bold acts has been reportedly dragged into a comparison with Hollywood superstar Monica Bellucci. Her new film ‘Halawat Rooh’ promos draw huge similarities between two master pieces of Bellucci.

Her new avatar in glossy red dress, with exposed cleavage and sun drenched pizza reminds people the ‘Martini Gold’ ad by Monica Bellucci. She appears to be in same fashion with oversized glasses and puffing cigarettes surrounded by dashing men same like “Malena” starring Bellucci. Despite of sharp similarities, Haifa was quick enough to decline any copy and termed it as mere coincidence. Her director who is hoping to embark a new chapter in Egyptian film industry Sameh Abdel Aziz has said that the story has no reference at all with any Hollywood flick.

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The movie has already created controversy when two steamy scenes involving Haifa were objected by Cairo Censorship committee. However, later it was regulated with removal of 27 lines from the script. If you did not get a chance to see the trailer, here it is.

Haifa is a great crowed puller and is nothing less than a superstar in Middle East. The early teaser of ‘Halawet Rooh’ seems promising and the overwhelming response certainly have boosted the confidence of Haifa Wehbe. However the actual response and verdict will only be know when the film releases on 8 April, 2014.