Jan Brewer refuses third-term reelection


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TUCSON: The Governor of Arizona Jan Brewer publicly declared on Wednesday that she would not be seeking third term reelection, following an election campaign that requires her to challenge the “term limit measures” of the state.

It is quite interesting to note that, Republicans had already left open the option of participating in this year’s election, despite the presence of prodigious and legal opinion against it. In year 2009, Brewer became the governor when a Democrat Janet Napolitano resigned from the office to work alongside Obama’s Cabinet, and Brewer got an excellent opportunity where she won the reelection in the same year.

As per the general principle, the state usually limits governors for two terms, and most legal analysts said that her initial and partial term counted towards the limit. Fortunately, Brewer’s declaration was make public during an appearance at Park Meadows Elementary School in Ariz. This step ultimately served as a bit of political symmetry, as her contribution in the school’s PTA drove her elective career.

Jan commented in a statement, “Our work continues and our comeback story is still being written. I look forward to seeing that story continue to unfold for years to come,” Brewer further added by saying, “However, there does come a time to pass the torch of leadership. So, after completing this term in office, I will be doing just that.”

Moreover, her words slithered over the tough duration, when she eventually decided to run for elections. She signed certain laws that includes; nation’s most restrictive immigration laws, and also including the one that permits police department to check the legal papers of anyone stopped for any reason. These were considered as few of her controversial steps in her political agenda.