US says it installed programs abroad to boost ‘political discussions’

US says it installed programs abroad to boost ‘political discussions’

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WASHINGTON: The US has installed Twitter like social media programs in nations such as Pakistan and Afghanistan, similar to that of the Cuba that intended at boosting open political discussions, representatives from Obama administration commented on Friday.

However, alike the program in Cuba, which was generally mocked when it turned public this month, such services in Pakistan and Afghanistan were terminated after they ran out of money. The US administration could not make them self-sustain due to lack of financial resources.

It was quite shocking to see that, in all three cases, US officials seemed to lack long-term policies for the programs that it started earlier.

On Friday, the administration officials said that there had been several interconnected programs in other countries as well, including a “Yes Youth Can” project in Kenya that was also active earlier, but now seems to lack financial resources.

Despite the lack of money, the officials said they had plans to start projects in Zimbabwe and Nigeria. However, it is seen that, some programs operate pliably with the knowledge of foreign governments, while others have not been openly unveiled.

The professor at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, Archon Fung, said that policies like the ones used in Kenya and Pakistan could be appreciated to American diplomacy.

Archon further said, “Only if it’s transparent and if people understand who built the platform and its purposes,” While referring to the Cuban Twitter program, he commented saying, “You end up with the U.S.A.I.D. episode.”