Bernard’s dad John Tomic returns back from ban

Bernard’s dad John Tomic returns back from ban

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QUEANBEYAN: Bernad Tomic seems to gain confidence with the arrival of his dad John Tomic, who returns back from ban, where he would be taking a role of coach for his son at grand slams, which is much-desirable form of revival.

According to the reports, John Tomic’s grand slam exile was officially terminated on Saturday as he supervised his son’s physical activity sessions on the Roland Garros’ rehearsal clay courts.

It is interesting to note that the French Open is a major initiative since the coach’s twelve-month ATP ban that was finished earlier this month. However, the tournament representatives have assured he will be allowed to attend further events, which begins on Sunday.

Bernard says it will be a respite devouring his father courtside when he unfastens his campaign against French 12th seed Richard Gasquet this week.

On Saturday, Tomic released a statement, saying, “It’s very good, it’s been a year and I’m happy to have him back,” Tomic added, “He is very important and to have him on the side is very good.

He further commented on his own performance, saying, “He knows a lot about my tennis and this is an opportunity for me. I’ve missed him the last year and now I get to have him back.”

John Tomic watched on as Bernard hit with caretaker coach Velimir Zovko in a practice session that was cut short by heavy rain. Moreover, Bernard is confident enough that his father would again reach to the leading position, attaining a major coaching inspiration in the camp.