Google buys Image Analysis Startup “Jetpac”

google buys jetpac

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CALIFORNIA: Google has taken a smart move to improve its search algorithm for images by acquiring Jetpac that is a popular developer for social travel apps. Jetpac is quite renowned for its services in niches of social media, and developing interesting apps for travelers. It was launched in 2012 as social travel guide for iPad. It has evolved significantly since then to utilize its research in a better way. The startup utilized the open public data of Instagram to create guides for travelers.

According to reliable sources, Google will employ Jetpac to continue its research in developing better image-related search means. The company is now using advanced techniques that will enable users to search their own photos for plenty of items such as food, beautiful pictures of nature, etc.

The company will present the images in the most attractive way by using advanced image processing techniques to fascinate travelers for visiting different places. It holds the record for over 6000 cities from San Franciso to Kathmandu.

Google seems to be following the approach to prefer the demands of users now. The DigitalGlobe has launched its first satellite from Vandenberg Air Force Base, the WorldView-3. It is a serve for providing satellite imagery for Google and Google Earth. This launch will really help users viewing Earth from above its surface. The images will certainly carry a very high resolution. It will certainly help Google in enhancing its location-based technologies. The new satellite will capture images at 31 cm resolution that is the highest achieved so far.